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A powerful storm tore through Calgary on Tuesday, uprooting trees and causing flash flooding. Another storm struck the city on Wednesday night.

Tree-care specialists and city crews still fixing Snowtember damage

The City of Calgary responded to more than 200 emergency calls this week involving trees in the wake of two major hail and thunderstorms.

  • Calgary hailstorm cleanup continues
  • September snow tree damage will take decades to fix

But officials say this cleanup was nothing compared to last year’s epic September snowstorm, which prompted 10,000 calls to the city’s information line.

Parks spokeswoman Allison Fifield says this storm season has actually been fairly typical.

“We anticipate and budget for about five wind events every year around this time, and the requests that came into 311 are typical to every other year,” she said.

But according to Codie Anderson, a master arborist with ArborCare Tree Services, the city’s urban forest could really suffer if the extreme weather continues.

“You get a Snowtember then you get the hails of this year. Then maybe next year we get bugs, maybe it’s a drought,” he said.

“Year upon year upon year, small stresses add up, just like they would for you and I. So really it’s about hoping for some good weather to come.”

In response to Snowtember, the city enacted an aggressive tree pruning program that will cost $35.5 million.

Every city-owned tree in the city will be pruned over the next three years.

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